On the "Road to Zero"

Our vision

To establish Jaguar Land Rover, UK industry and UK academia as world-leaders in hybrid thermal propulsion system science and technology.

Our ambition

To develop a thermal propulsion system that, when combined with a matched hybrid energy recovery system, will be capable of powering a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) from an energy dense liquid fuel at an equivalent or lower economic and environmental cost than would be incurred by importing electricity directly to the vehicle from the EU average grid. The realisation of this ambition will have transformational effects on air quality and climate change, transport policy and legislation, and energy policy and infrastructure development. The developed hybrid technology will facilitate the faster adoption of zero-emissions capable, electrically driven vehicles while simultaneously lightening the burden on the UK's electricity generation capacity and distribution network in the transitional period.

Our partnership

Our partnership combines the industry expertise and resources of Jaguar Land Rover and the software development experience of Siemens Digital Industries Software with the fundamental engineering, measurement, and numerical modelling capabilities of the Universities of Oxford and Bath. Together we will develop well-validated and integrated 1D and 3D virtual design capability for hybrid propulsion systems (HPS) allowing Jaguar Land Rover to evaluate the ambitious technologies necessary for radically lower emission powertrains quickly and accurately in a virtual framework.